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Version 0.1
EARNING RATE 0.00021420 Dogecoin /MIN
PROFIT PER DAY 0.30000000Dogecoin

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x1.3 2.0

Speed 1.3 H/s

0.14513000 Đ per minute

209.00000000Đ per day

x1.4 3.1

Speed 1.4 H/s

0.83330000 Đ per minute

1200.00000000Đ per day

x1.5 4.0

Speed 1.5 H/s

0.40000000 Đ per minute

2100.00000000Đ per day

x1.1 1.0

Speed 1.1 H/s

0.00520000 Đ per minute

7.50000000Đ per day

x1.2 1.1

Speed 1.2 H/s

0.06944000 Đ per minute

100.00000000Đ per day



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